Scooters and Motorcycles


2013-star-motorcycle-bolt-1_600x0w puma_cycles_la_vida_scooter_1

Scooters and motorcycles are very common in China, and are often considered to be dangerous. In the podcast, students will listen to a conversation about riding scooters and motorcycles. It comes with the transcript and analysis. The key words and expressions are bold which makes it easier for students to understand and learn something new. I will use this material in a high intermediate level ESL class. I will assign this as a homework and discuss it in class to examine students’ understanding.

Learning objectives:

1. To be able to understand short new phrases containing familiar vocabulary spoken slowly.

2.To be able to understand texts that have a simple, clear structure.

3.To be able to interpret statements, questions in familiar situations.

4. To learn more vocabulary and expression about transportation.

5. To develop self-learning ability.

Link:ESL podcast


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