Where is the post office.


I created the “where is the post office” on Stripgenerator to use in a high beginning level class to help students learn and practice asking and giving directions.

Performance indicators:

Answer simple questions on everyday activities with some details
Participate in short conversations on everyday activities using appropriate conversation skills and monitoring for listener comprehension

By using the comic as an example, students will form into groups of 2 and then practice the dialogue using different vocabulary for places provided, such as bank, hospital, shopping mall, coffee shop.

To see if they meet the performance indicator, students will have the opportunity of acting out the comic scene using the structure the comic provides and their own choices of words. We won’t have time for every student to present to you whole class, so asking the class to write down their dialogue and hand in at the end of the class would be a way to see if the class, as a whole, understands.


One thought on “Where is the post office.

  1. anciana

    Nicely done. The comic is a perfect intro for that type of lesson and your assessment works well. Another type of activity or assessment you could use would be to have the students create they own comics with a dialog about how to get to a different location.


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