Forget about cats&dogs, check out small pets!



People talk about cats and dogs all the time, but do you know there are adorable small pets, as well?

In the video Small Pets that I created on Animoto, I introduced 6 small pets: hedgehog, hamster, ferret, dwarf rabbit, chinchilla and ginnie pig. This video is designed for beginners, I choose to use images as explanation rather than words in the students’ first language.

Performance indicators:

To be able to understand the 6 words in terms of their meanings, pronunciations and spellings.

I will let students watch the video before class, and test their understanding of the meaning by letting them match the 6 words to the picture of the pet they describe. Then, I will teach them the pronunciation of each word, let them repeat, and test their understanding by showing the picture with captions and let them pronounce the word. Finally, I will give them sometime to memorize the spelling, and then test it by showing only the picture and let them write down the word.


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