Success is a continuous journey



My lesson: Success is a continuous journey. 

For the lesson I created, I wanted to use something meaningful and inspiring. So I chose the success is a continuous journey. The whole concept is to let students learn English and learn about life.  It is important to draw their attention and get them interested in what they are learning. Not everyone is interested in English, but everyone wants to know how to succeed. So, the topic is appealing to everyone.

According to Standard for ESL, I posted three questions in my lesson to test their listening comprehension of the video, focusing on language alone. In the discussion, I focused more on how-to-succeed. As the objectives of this lesson are not just practicing their listening skills: to be able to interpret statements, questions and commands in a variety of familiar situations; to be able to identify key information/details in a description, but also to provide some useful guidance in their life. After watching the video, I expect the students to understand that as it was emphasized in the video, one needs to keep trying to be successful.

I linked the video of the 8 secrets to success as an additional material in case students need more instructions on those.


3 thoughts on “Success is a continuous journey

  1. anciana

    You chose a good topic, but your learning objectives need to be more specific. You also need to add a resource that is different from the video.


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