Learn English from Sit-comes



Using a clip from <Friends> as a listening material for a intermediate level class.

The activity would be watching the first part of the video and let students take stand, either they agree with Rachel that Joey will get the acting part or agree with Chandler that he will not get the part and explain their reasons.

Then watch the part that Joey has the audition. Let students guess again if he gets the acting job or not.

Then watch the final part where Joey tells everyone the results.

Performance indicator is: listening comprehension- to understand the video correctly.Interpret information from a conversation and in a variety of contexts, in this case, audition and daily conversations between friends. Distinguish between facts and opinions in conversation.

Asking them who thinks Joey will get the acting job and why can examine their understanding of the dialogue. After watching each clip of the video, asking students to retell what happened is a good wat to see if they listen and understand. However, we want students to not only understand what is going on in the video as a whole but to also be able to capture details. So, another way to see if the performance indicator has been met is to ask detailed questions. Such as: what did the interviewee think of Joey after he showed him the catalog of the bag? The answer would be he thinks Joey is a salesman.

Joey has a bag


3 thoughts on “Learn English from Sit-comes

  1. anciana

    Your idea for using this very entertaining clip sounds good. However, you need to be more specific about the performance indicator and how you would assess whether the objectives had been met.


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