Teachers, Are You Using Twitter Right?



If you are still using Twitter to share with your followers what movie you see today, then you desperately need to read this.

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Twitter is much more than a social media for us to see what is going on with Miley Cyrus, or to update our daily life with friends/online strangers.

Attention,teachers! It can be and should be used as a professional development tool and be integrated into the classroom.


In the classroom of Enrique Legaspi, Twitter is a apart of the class other than a distraction to the students. He uses Twitter as a way for students to answer questions, giving feedback. Rather than considering Twitter as a bad thing, utilize it! Apart from adding more fun element into the class and help students stay focused, Twitter helps the students find their voices, build their identifications. It is a great tool in get the shy ones involved. “Twitter did become this paperless way of sharing what is going on in their mind” said Legaspi.

That is not all the magic that Twitter can do. Teachers can use it as a professional development tool. What is particularly good about using it as a  platform for educators to communicate is that it avoids the default of information gathering which is the limitation we get from our own flock. Take the Twitter chat as an example, you have no idea who will be there and who you are talking to. It could be someone in your town, or someone outside the country. It is inspiring and exciting as we are not talking to the people we are familiar with. In addition, it is easy to find information we need using the hash tag. Hash tag is a powerful way to follow conversations on a topic of interest. Twitter can also be used to keep track of your posts, it forms the relevant tweets into a stream which is easy to retrieve in the future.

There is more you should know to use Twitter or a professional development purpose. It may not be as simple as you think.


10 Tips for teachers using Twitter as a professional development tool  

1- Create a strong profile page

2- Keep  your profile  professional

3- Proper use of etiquette

4- Know who to follow

5- Use Hashtags

6- Use Twitter Tools

7- Use Twitter for research

8- Share what you read

9- Use Twitter for Teaching and Learning

10- More creative ways to use Twitter

I hope this post can do you some help, free feel to share your ideas with me. Now, go Tweet!


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