Epals – Where Learners Connect



On ePals, you can do challenges, join a classroom, starting/joining projects and enjoy learning center.


There are many interesting projects, such as collaborative detective story – a community-inspired project focusing on improving students reading and writing ability. I find the project very inspiring as it makes it fun for the students. Usually, students prefer listening and speaking classes as reading and writing are boring. But this project may let them fall in love with reading and writing. I believe that it is important to make the learning process fun for the students and the ePals can serve as  the source of inspirations!

On ePals, you can join classroom from almost every country in the world and get inspired. I found this Lisa Dream classroom where they have done projects with global students with email exchange and Skype chat. Through this, we can have access to different cultures and teaching methods worldwide and use it in our own classrooms.

In the leaning center, there is a game&quizzes section where students can learn and play at the same time.

In general, ePals delivers the idea of fun learning and connections. “Students are motivated to learn through experience, and with ePals I’ve introduced an experience beyond the classroom.”


One thought on “Epals – Where Learners Connect

  1. anciana

    As you have mentioned, students learn through experience and the more authentic language experiences they have, the more learning will occur.


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