A Learner is Like A Flower


Learners nowadays are different from those 20 years ago. Before we had technology, learning was pretty much restricted and the knowledge lasted way longer than it is now. Information development back then was slow. Now, with technologies, the information develops rapidly and learning is a life time career. A learner is no longer like a sponge: you put the sponge in the water of knowledge and it sucks as much as it can and that’s it. A learner is like a flower: it needs water constantly or it will die. Unlike a sponge, a flower takes in the water and crave for more.

“What we know today is not as important as our ability to continue to stay current.” Knowledge changes rapidly, if we don’t keep up with the pace, we will become obsolete in our particular field. That is why I see a learner as a a flower that needs water everyday rather than a sponge that needs water one time. Receiving knowledge continuously makes the flower thrive.

The key principle of learning is to stay current. The technologies enable us to form networks that make it possible for us to stay current and continue to study. “The network is the learning.” There are ways to connect with others naturally, for example, through dialogues. With the help of technology, we are now able to connect with people not just near us, but around the world. The magic of network is not just to enable us to connect worldwide. Whenever someone adds a new note in the network, it amplifies the whole. Learning now is no longer a individual activity. It is connected with others.


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