Diigo? Or Pinterest?


Diigo and Pinterest are both awesome tools to use. But which one is better?

If you take into consideration the efficiency of the tool, I would say Diigo has an edge. I fell in love with it after I watched the introduction video. Personally, I am a bit old-schooled, and prefer doing thing in the traditional way. For example, I would prefer to have a paper-based book than a electronic version. The reason is that with a book in my hand, I can write down notes and highlight the part I like. With electronic books, you can’t do that. But here comes the solution, Diigo. It makes the impossible possible. Basically what it does is to enable you the ability to use the online material as it is printed out in your hand. Let’s not talk about the eco-friendly issue here, but how convenient and fast it is. Organizing the references and documents is such a chore. But by using the tags, everything you saved are marked instead of in a chaos. You can retrieve the material that you want by clicking on the tags. That is why I give Diigo more credit.

What I appreciate in both of them is that it is sociable. There are interactions. They both create a community where people can share with one another. That is important because sharing and discussing with others is one of the ways for us to learn and get inspirations.

I seleted two pics that can present the features of Diigo and Pinterest the best.

logo_diigoThe realization of making electronic books feel like paper-based is demonstrated in the Picture. We can stick notes, highlight and add bookmarks. When we don’t have the time to read something interesting we find now, mark it as read later. And it is easy to see how many of them have been read and how many haven’t. It is great for people are not so organized.


I am not saying everyone uses Diigo now and forget about Pinterest. It depends on your own reference and needs. As you can see in the picture, is it very good for visual learners. What I like about Pinterest is its layout and pictures really draw my attention and help me stay focused. It is less boring than just pages of pages of documents.

I will absolutely keep using them and I recommend them to my readers who haven’t tried them out. Pinterest might be popular among young people already to share common interests in life, but it is a great idea to use it to serve as a source to help with your work and career.


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