How Exciting Is the Teaching Revolution?


What is the best way to learn? Is it sitting in the classroom for 8 hours a day?Does everyone have the same learning pace? Do all the students understand the same amount of knowledge at the same day?

Is teaching, like math, has one right answer that would never change? After watching Educational change challenge, I can’t help but asking myself those questions.


Technologies change people’s life in every aspect. The use of the internet has made a number of impossibles possible. Social media is about people. We may not realize, but social media is leading a revolution in our daily life. When we go to a restaurant, instead of using a menu made of paper, we take our order by an ipad. Social media is a power to connect the world together. And, by using technologies, we can have a one-world school house.

Every morning, after rolling out of bed, we grab the newspaper while drinking our first coffee and see what is happening around us or in the world. Everyday, we check our Facebook and see what is new with our friends.Every night, we watch the local news on TV while having dinner and see what is going on in the town. It is all about the update. In the 21st century, we need to update ourselves constantly. The teaching methods should be catching up, as well.

A brick phone can not survive among smartphones.


Social media revolution made me realize our life now is much more different from the way it used to be. We are changing. The way we communicate, the way we deal with problems, the way we think are all influenced by technologies. Watching the video Teachers exist in the space where students exist. Education is about relevance. If we teachers don’t keep up with the changes and apply technologies in class, we will loose the relevance which greatly damages the motivation and interest we can create in the students. Now, we do not have to be in a classroom to learn. Actually, it can be anywhere, your bedroom, on the way to work, if there is technology, there is a way.

Thereby, the science revolution brings along the teaching revolution. Teaching is not like Math, it is always changing and updating. Isn’t it exciting that teachers can always learn more and grow into better ones? Isn’t exciting that so many boundaries we had before are now broken? Isn’t it exciting that now with technology, we can do more for our students and make education more efficient and more fun?


One thought on “How Exciting Is the Teaching Revolution?

  1. anciana

    I totally agree with your rhetorical question: “Isn’t it exciting that now with technology, we can do more for our students and make education more efficient and more fun?” It is!


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