Blogs in the classroom


With the development of technology in many aspects of our life, what we can do in class has been through a revolution. From using just the blackboard to having projectors and other multimedia tools, the class has become more interesting and efficient.Blogs is one of the others and has been using more and more widely. 



As mentioned in Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom, there are many ways to use blogs to boost learning. Blogs can be used as a classroom management tool.The blogs help keep the class organized. Blogs are user-friendly and it serves every individual in the class. It is not rocket science, everyone understands how it works. Posting announcements as well as materials, acting as a Q&A board. There are many things that blogs can do. It is easy to operate for teachers and accessible for the students. By posting handouts on blogs, it saves the teacher a fairly amount of time. 

It is also a platform for students to communicate with the teacher. For some students who are shy and quite, it may be a bit difficult for them to have direct communication with the teacher in front of the whole class or one on one after class. Blogs, thereby, serves as a platform, a mediation for the students. They can ask questions and express their different ideas by commenting on the teacher’s blog. This would be the first step. Gradually, students become comfortable communicating with the teacher on blogs, it will be easier for them to move on to the face to face stage. The interaction and communication between students and teachers are crucial,  so the use of blogs will benefit the learning process to a great extent and promote efficiency. 

According to the ESL Learning Standard, the ability to communicate is one the performance indicators. Other than oral communication which blogs can help achieve in the long term, the writing ability and communicating skills would be promoted as well.  By posting their comments and express their own thoughts, they are improving the ability to formulate and respond to various questions. It is important for language learners to have their own opinion and to be able to take a stand while facing a topic. Those performance indicators can all be meet by the use of blogs in class.  

We invented calculator so we don’t have to do the math on our own. 


We invented cell phone so we don’t have to write someone a letter or to stop by when we need to get in touch. 


It is the same with technology in the classroom. The ultimate goal is to promote efficiency. 


2 thoughts on “Blogs in the classroom

  1. anciana

    I like your analogy comparing classroom technology with calculators and cell phones. New technology not only makes learners more efficient, it also allows them to do many things that were not possible previously, such as write for a global audience.


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